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We believe
all children
have amazing

Why should expensive private schools be the only ones that have the things that children really need to learn and grow such as small classes, hands on learning, supportive school cultures, music lessons, language classes and teachers who have the time and willingness to individualize learning and even homework for each child’s interests and abilities?

They shouldn’t.

We believe that public schools should offer those same things free for all children. At the Minisink Charter School we will do all of that:

Our school partner, the Mission Society, created a community of African-American and Latino children nearly 100 years ago, called Minisink. That wonderful legacy of community will continue for all Harlem’s children in the Minisink Charter School regardless of race, color, faith or ability! The Minisink Charter School will a safe harbor in which your children will learn and grow. Come and learn more!

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